Ronaldinho Toe Poke Goal Versus Chelsea

Ronaldinho toe poke versus Chelsea goal. A goal for history, really. Legendary. The famous Ronaldinho toe poke goal versus Chelsea in a Champions League game. When you’re a kid, just learning how to play soccer, coaches tell you don’t kick the ball with your toe, but there are always exceptions. Ronaldinho shows you how to toe poke the ball at just the right moment to catch the keeper and the defenders off guard.

Yes, that’s Lampard trying to close down Ronaldinho who seems to standstill and motionless for a brief second before he dancing for a second and toe pokes the ball home for Barcelona.

Surrounded by Chelsea players Barcelona’s Ronaldinho throws off the defenders with a few feints and dance like moves with his body and bends in a brilliant goal with just his toe. There was just a small wind of space to bend the soccer ball through and of course Ronaldinho found it…brilliant. Surely Ronaldinho will go down in history as one of the greats of the game. The joy he brought to the game. The moments of surprise like this toe poke against Chelsea. Just genius goal by the Barcelona legend. Watch Ronaldinho’s toe poke goal versus Chelsea.

From SportBible one Ronaldinho’s toe poke versus Chelsea: “It was a ridiculous piece of technique. With no pace on the ball whatsoever, after a couple of fakes, he manages to find the corner courtesy of a toe-poke shot that blew our minds.

It’s one of many genius goals R10 has served up over the years and purely for that strike alone, Ronaldinho didn’t deserve to be on the losing side that game.

There’s genuinely a case for it being the greatest goal in the history of the Champions League purely because of how unique it is. Only Ronaldinho would attempt something so out of the ordinary and pull it off so nonchalantly.

The Barcelona talisman would go on to win the Ballon d’Or later that year in what was undoubtedly the best period of his career.”