Ronaldinho Free Kick – Under The Wall

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Ronaldinho Under the Wall Goal
Ronaldinho’s under the wall free kick is now famous. Barcelona’s Ronaldinho scores free kick by shooting under a jumping wall. All were anticipating that Ronaldinho was going to go high but he slips the ball under the jumping wall. Ronaldinho has scored some clever free kicks like this before, remember the goal against England in the 2002 World Cup. But here’s video of Ronaldinho striking the soccer ball under the wall not once, not twice but on three different occasions.

The only way Ronaldinho would be able to pull off the under the wall goal is by bending the ball around or up and over the wall so many times before, forcing the other team to try to jump and block the shot. So many teams tried to stop him by jumping that it open up the under the wall attempt for Ronaldinho. He smartly anticipated players jumping in the wall and shot right under them.

In terms of free kick takers, I think Ronaldinho will go down in soccer history as one of the greatest, right up there with Beckham and Pirlo.


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