Ronaldinho Nike Tiempo Ad

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Ronaldinho Nike Soccer
I know I’m watched. I know all eyes are on me. Every week 100,000 people expect the unexpected. 

Really, this Ronaldinho Nike soccer ads is one if not thee best ever made. This Nike soccer commercial is all in Portuguese but gives you a really good sense of what the crowd is like in a La Liga match and at the Camp Nou. The video focuses almost entirely on Ronaldinho. Again, one of the better Nike Soccer ads ever made in my humble opinion. Feels like you’re at the stadium and playing in the game. I’m sure the creators of the ad played some football at a high level or at least watched a lot of it! Yes, the ad does include a Ronaldinho no look pass.

It’s a football match between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.  It’s an ad for Ronaldinho’s Nike new soccer shoe the R10. But really the ad shows you how much pressure is placed on a star player like Ronaldinho. And the greatest soccer players thrive on all the pressure. Ronaldinho was a genius at doing the unexpected.

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Nike Tiempo Ronaldinho Soccer Shoes

Here’s Ronaldinho and the shoe designer talking about the shoes themselves.

Ronaldinho says: ‘There is no doubt I like to feel the football ball. And this leather gives you more contact with the ball.’

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