Ronaldinho No Look Pass

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Ronaldinho No Look Pass
The Ronaldinho no look pass is certainly one of his trademarks. Surely Ronaldinho was the first footballer to use the no look pass so often and to great effect. This was one of Ronaldinho’s favorite things to do when he played for Barcelona. It was almost like he was bored, so he started adding this soccer trick into his repertoire during games. Nobody pulls off the no look pass in soccer quite like Ronaldinho.

Must see Nike Soccer ad featuring a Ronaldinho no look pass at the Camp Nou.

And that is what’s great about Ronaldinho: he just seems to have so much fun playing the game of soccer. It’s infectious. His play on the soccer field for Barcelona probably wasn’t that much different to when he was a kid playing in the streets or on the beaches of Brazil. No look passes come at the one minute mark in the video below but of course the rest of the Ronaldinho tricks and moves are a must see. Can you or have you pull off a no look pass in a game that worked?

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