What Soccer Shoes Does Cristiano Ronaldo Wear?

The highest paid soccer player in the world is wearing a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly shoes on his feet. Today’s he’s decided to go with blue, but he’s been seeing wearing Nike Vapor’s in red, yellow and even green. Remember when soccer players just wore simple black soccer shoes? Or when those white cleats were worn by players who didn’t know how to play. Oh, how the game and the shoe game has changed.

CRISTIANO RONALDO – New Soccer Cleats & All Football Boots 2002-2019. This is an excellent history of Cristiano’s soccer shoe history.

Do you remember Cristiano’s presentation at the Bernabeu? He hadn’t even played in a game for Real Madrid and 90,000 people showed up to see him. But despite all the hype surrounding Cristiano, he is the real deal, and it’s no wonder players want to wear the same shoes he’s wearing.