Roy Keane Tackle on Eerling Haaland’s Dad

Keane tackle on Haaland: As Erling Haaland steps out into the Premier League as a Manchester City player he will be watched over by his dad’s footballing nemesis, Roy Keane. The Manchester United midfielder put his foot up and intentional went right for Alfie Haaland’s knee.

Haaland senior played for Manchester City, and Keane, now a Sky Sports pundit, played for Manchester United, of course. Keane committed one of the worst fouls you are likely to see in professional football on Haaland senior.

Really, it’s just a brutal tackle by Keane but this video below does show Haaland yelling at Keane after he was injured. But there is just no place for revenge and a violent tackle like this in the beautiful game of soccer.

Overall, it’s just a shame too because Keane is such a quality player. Especially in his ability to pass the soccer ball. His intensity and passion for the game is a key part of his game too, of course. It’s just that he goes way too far here with this tackle. Also, could have gotten the message to Haaland with a hard challenge or tackle but not one at the knee.

This is the story of why Keane went after Haaland, the aftermath, and the (lack of) remorse. This is what Keane said about the tackle on Alfie Haaland – if you can call it a tackle – Keane clearly put his foot up and went right after Haaland’s knee directly. In today’s game, surely if a player did this that’d been banned for the entire season. This quote from Keane is from his book:

“I’d waited long enough. I f***ing hit him hard. The ball was there (I think). Take that you c***,” Keane recalled in his 2002 autobiography, per The Guardian. “And don’t ever stand over me again sneering about fake injuries. And tell your pal [David] Wetherall there’s some for him as well. I didn’t wait for Mr Elleray to show the red card. I turned and walked to the dressing room.”

Roy Keane versus Erling Haaland’s Dad. Excellent video explanation of Keane tackle on Haaland from Tifo Football.

Written by Seb Stafford-Bloor, illustrated by Craig Silcock.