Sacha Kljestan Back Heel Assist

LA Galaxy’s Sacha Kljestan with a clever back heel pass to Rayan Raveloson. I think Raveloson was ready for the pass but not quite sure. Either way, once Kljestan’s back heel pass found him Raveloson knew what to do with the soccer ball. Kljestan has always been a unique player in the MLS. He’s someone who likes to keep the ball. Play short passes. Is he a poor man’s Zidane? Yes he is. And this back heel pass only proves it more so.

See all of the game highlights below as well as the Kljestan back heel pass. At 36 years old, Kljestan is winding down is soccer career with class. Kljestan spend five years playing in Europe for Anderlecht and shown his ability to control game and keep possession of the ball for a number of MLS teams. What’s more though, after all the passing and keeping of the ball Kljestan knows how to play that surprise killer pass.

And the Kljestan back heel pass came after a 15 pass sequence.

Famously Kljestan was trashed talked to by Ibrahimovic – when he had a mustache. I guess in some ways being trashed talked to by Ibrahimovic is like a goalie getting scored on by Messi. It’s a right of passage and honor in a way. From the Guardian:

“After a perfectly normal challenge, Ibra turned to me and provoked me, making a joke about my mustache, saying: ‘That really is terrible,'” a smiling Kljestan told Het Nieuwsblad. “I responded by saying that he should think about his nose.” Luka Milivojevic added that Ibrahimovic had tried to catch him in an off-the-ball incident. “He tried to get me when the ball was long gone. Clearly he was not happy to have missed the ball.”