Sam Kerr Chips the Keeper

Sam Kerr chips the keeper. Or is it more of a scoop shot. Either way it’s just a brilliant goal. Yes, she’s the best women’s forward and goal scorer in the game today.

Chelsea forward Sam Kerr gets the ball and charges at the goal. At the keeper. Kerr is set on going right at the goal with the ball at her feet. This is a skill that not all players have or actually do in games or what’s more, an FA Cup final. It shows confidence and determination. And keepers and defenders hate it when you know what you want to do and go right at them on the dribble.

Credit for the above image goes to Chelsea FC of course.

But Kerr does this sublime. The genius. When she’s scoops the ball up and over the keeper. It’s more of a scoop rather than a chip almost since she’s dribble so fast with the ball and going only get under it as she sees the goalkeeper coming out too far. All the Arsenal goalkeeper can do is watch the ball sail up and over her head. I think the on rushing goalkeeper didn’t think Kerr had time to get the chip shot off.

Sam Kerr’s goal is one that would be celebrated in any league in the world, men’s or women’s. Kerr’s chip goal is one Mo Salah would be impressed by. One on one breaks like this aren’t easy either. Kerr isn’t really sure how’s coming up behind her or just how much time she has. But that’s why it’s such a great goal. Kerr is determined to charge right at the goal on the dribble.

Here are the highlights of Sam Kerr’s chip goal and post game interviews as well. The Blues are Women’s FA Cup winners for the third time in our history following a dominant victory over Arsenal at Wembley Stadium which completes a clean sweep of domestic honors this year.

A goal for history as they say. Watch Sam Kerr chip the keeper in the video below.

Kerr got some advice that helped her score the chip or scoop shot:

‘It could have been four or five nil in the first half,’ Kerr said. ‘It wouldn’t go in but we knew it was coming.

‘At half-time we hadn’t scored as many as we should. CT said she [Zinsberger] is off her line a lot. I hadn’t been finishing too well in the first half so I thought I would try and scoop her. It doesn’t come off too often but it did.

‘Whenever as a striker you are not putting them in the back of the net when they are simple chances you get a little frustrated.