Samuel Eto’o: The Cameroonian Icon

Cameroon’s most celebrated football player, Inter Milan striker and Cameroonian team captain, Samuel Eto’o. He’s a legend at Barcelona, and a fan favorite, not only because he scored big goals but also because he fought for the team. Eto’o chase down defenders and inspires his teammates with his desire to win. Eto’o scored perhaps the biggest goal of his career in the Champions League final when Barcelona defeated Manchester United.

Growing up his dad didn’t want him to be a footballer. He wanted him to be a student. But Eto’o showed something special and now they’ve erected a statue in his honor.

Samuel Eto’o’s career cannot be described with the monochrome of the record books. He was as combustible and compelling character as he was an incendiary and broadly talented forward. Someone who reached the top of the game, but who led anything but a typical existence once he got there.