Sensational Thierry Henry Goal, Perfect Pass from Le Toux

While the Frenchmen Thierry Henry’s goal is very impressive, sensational even, it’s the pass that makes it happen. If you want to play with a grace and elegance then the soccer player to model you game after it’s Henry.

Yes, the way Henry controls the soccer ball off his chest out in front of him so he can strike the ball right away on the volley is perfect, but it is again the driven ball by fellow Frenchmen Sebastien Le Toux that make the goal possible.

Thierry Henry Fake Kick

At first it doesn’t seem like that amazing of a pass by Le Toux, who just signed with the Red Bulls and was playing in his second game. Take a closer look though, if the ball is floated up to Henry it would have been cut out by a defender or Henry wouldn’t have been able to redirect the ball with his chest. The ball need to have the right pace, not a chip pass, but a ball driven right at Henry. It’s the mark of a quality player when they can drive the ball to a teammate with precision, and Le Toux does that here.

I wonder if Henry had a say in the signing of Le Toux by the Red Bulls…

Playing with the New York Red Bulls in the twilight of his career did not stop Thierry Henry for scoring some incredible goals. Watch the Arsenal & Barcelona superstar’s best moments in MLS.