Sergi Roberto Backheel Pass

So this guy named Lionel Messi is out injured for Barcelona, which should be bad for the club, right?

Well, not when you have a player like Sergi Roberto to come in and make this kind of backheel pass. Roberto receives a hard pass in the air from Neymar – a good pass just because it was hard and he didn’t have to wait for it – and Sergi Roberto sees Luis Suarez making a run into the box and backheels the ball perfectly into his path to score. If it was a slow pass from Neymar then Roberto would have had to take more time to get the ball to Suarez.

Just the timing of the pass by Roberto is perfect and surprises the other team since it comes from his heel in a kind of no look manner as he spins to receive it. Roberto flicks the ball with his heel or side area of his foot area brilliantly to the on running Suarez. It’s the backheel pass of the year in La Liga for sure.



Towards the end of the Barcelona season, when Messi is back and they’re on their way to another La Liga title, the team and the coaching staff will look back at this time when Messi was out injured as a time when players like Sergi Roberto and others got more playing time and only made their team that much stronger.

I’m also wondering if Pedro regrets going to Chelsea a little bit….you know, since Chelsea are losing so many matches and he could have been playing a lot more while Messi was out injured…