Shakira Consoles Pique

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After Barcelona’s Copa del Rey loss to Real Madrid in extra time, Pique went into the stands to find his girlfriend, none other than pop singer Shakira.

Here’s a question, is it worth it to lose a trophy but gain this kind of concern and comforting when you lose? And do you think she’d punch Cristiano Ronaldo in the gut since he scored the game winner? I bet she just might.

What’s interesting as well is there’s a 10 year age difference between the two, as Pique is just 24 and Shakira is 34.

This photo is like somekind of Velázquez painting, full of sorrow and love, and what with the light shining on Shakira’s face and their eyes locked into one another as everyone else around them watches but they don’t care.

Shakira Consoles Pique

Well, either that or a commercial for diamond rings or the like. You’ve got to hand it to Pique though, he’s done well here, even if he continues to lose trophies.

Shakira Comforts Pique
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Throughout the match Shakira struggled to remain calm. I wonder if she’s going to make it to the Champions League matches coming up. She might not be able to endure the pain if Barcelona lose. It’s awesome how much she gets into the game. Take a look at the video below.



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