Q&A: Shalrie Joseph


A quick question and answer with New England Revolution defensive midfielder and Grenada international Shalrie Joseph. Joseph is 31 years old and played college soccer at St. John’s before being drafted by the New England Revolution. Back in 2006 and 2007, the MLS rejected a $1 and $2 million offer by Celtic for Joseph.


How often did you practice when you were growing up?

I practiced and played soccer everyday growing up.

Who were your soccer idols/mentors growing up?

I love watching Maradona, but my Uncle was very good and he taught me a thing or two watching him play in Grenada.

What current pros do you look up to in the MLS and in world soccer?

I love Viera when he was at Arsenal and Roy Keane at Man U. I watch tons of international soccer and I am a huge fan of Messi, Kaka, Essien, Ronaldo, Pirlo, Eto, Xavi, etc.

MLS guys I like are DeRo, Donovan, Angel, Cooper.

Do you want to coach soccer when you retire?

I’m not sure if I would put up with coaching professional soccer players. My Academy (which I am starting this year) is going to be my main focus when I’m finished playing. It’s going to give me a chance to develop and train kids how to play the game.

What’s your pre-game ritual? What do you eat, listen to and/or possibly have as a pre-game superstition?

I eat a lot of pasta and drink a shake to get my daily intake of fruits. I have two dogs so I spend a lot of time throwing the ball with them, watch some soccer and listen to a lot of music on game day. For a superstition I wait to put my shin guards on (I have done this since college).

Who is your favorite team in the world?

Arsenal, I like watching Barca and Man U too. Any game that’s good I’ll watch.

What are your best qualities as a player and then areas you want to improve upon?

Best qualities is hard to say, I think I am good at whatever I’m called upon to do: passing, tackling, dribbling, etc. I think there is always room in every aspect of my game to improve. I always am striving to improve. I’m never really satisfied no matter how well people around me tell me I am playing.

Team and or player you hate facing in the MLS?

Houston has had our number recently. I don’t hate playing any particular players. I look forward to playing against the best midfielders and strikers in the MLS cause it gives me and my team a chance to prove ourselves.

Give one tip to young players who want to play professional soccer?

Study players you want to emulate and constantly work hard to be the best no matter what that is.

Want to play like Shalrie? Attend his soccer camp:

Shalrie Joseph Soccer Academy: To develop individual soccer skills by teaching the fundamentals of soccer and to introduce players to team concepts.