Silva Hands Behind Back Defending

Chelsea defender Thiago Silva hands behind back defending. Really, you might as well call it hand tied behind back defending. And I don’t mean to pick on Silva but he just seems to put his hand behind his back to avoid a potential penalty kick more often than other defenders. He’s a world class player and veteran who has probably done this his whole football career.

Silva Hands Behind Back Versus Junior

I just don’t get why though. While Real Madrid’s Vinicius Junior is extremely fast, I still say Silva could do more to try to stop the cross to Karim Benzema if his hands were free. Hopefully Silva’s wife won’t get too upset at this post about Silva putting his hand behind his back while defending. Not sure what her take is on it.

What do you think? If Silva focuses more on trying to stop Junior from crossing the ball, force him to get his head down, instead of worrying about conceding a penalty kick, Chelsea might have won the Champions League semifinal against Real Madrid.

Sure, the fact that Silva has to break out wide to defend Junior is bad in and of itself – he’s too open. But if Silva has his hand free he can move quicker to get to Junior and perhaps block the cross.