Thiago Silva Hands Behind Back Defending

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Silva Hands Behind Back Defending

Thiago Silva puts his hands behind his back as he goes to challenge Youri Tielemans. I understand the reasoning why defenders do this but is it worth it? Silva is of course a defender who has played for Brazil and AC Milan for years. He’s a veteran defender who knows the game.

But perhaps this hands behind the back when you go to challenge or block the shot of an attacking player should be retired from the game. With your hands behind your back you can’t move as fast.

Chelsea’s Jorginho kind of points for someone to come and close down Tielemans but it’s too late. Silva is too far away and putting his arms behind his back before he close him down slows him down. Don’t know why Jorginho himself didn’t move more quickly laterally to put Tielemans off before he lines up to strike the ball.

Why not just try to disrupt the attacking and throw them off. Get to the ball faster and not worry about giving a way a free kick if the ball touches your arms.

See more, it’s common still in the game to put your hands behind one’s back when defending near the box.

Watch Silva go to challenge or try to block Tielemans’ shot in the video below. It seems like putting his arms behind his back slows Silva down. I know it all happens in a flash but Tieleman has enough time to line up for a shot that enables Leicester City to win the FA Cup against Chelsea.

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