Smith Rowe Lying Down Behind Wall

Arsenal’s Emile Smith Rowe is wondering what’s taking so long. Why hasn’t the free kick been taken yet. Smith Rowe is the designated person to lie down behind the wall for Arsenal and keeps turning his head to look and see what’s going on.

I’m a bit surprised that pro soccer teams are still having someone lie down behind the wall. Don’t think I’ve seen the player lying down behind the wall block a shot yet. But I guess that’s the point, free kick takers aren’t trying to pull a Ronaldinho and shoot under the wall as the wall jumps since a player is lying down behind it.

Smith Rowe had really only just come on the field and had to lie down behind the wall and potentially take one for the team! I do worry though about a player behind hit in the head with the ball when they’re lying down like this and aren’t even prepared or know when the ball is coming.

Smith Rowe Wall