Soccer Baseball

Field size: 50 yards 40 yards

Number of players: full team; four players in the outfield (one player up to bat); other team races around or dribbles around the playing area

Age range: 10-12

Description: Players stand on the corner of a diamond acting as the ‘outfield’ and one player stands at ‘home plate’. This team is up to bat so to speak, whereas the other team stands in a line off to the side of home page.  

The player at home plate is up to bat and he or she passes the ball to first base, who then passes to second and third and back to home.  They try to pass the ball around the bases before the first player on the other team runs around the diamond.  If passes the ball around the bases is too easy, then you can say the player has to dribble around the diamond to make it harder. 

Passes around the square must be sharp and crisp and done in a certain number of touches by each player on the field – two or three touches.  Players dribbling around the square must keep the ball close to them and not go out of a certain range from the playing field.  Play with three outs – an out being if the team in the outfield gets the ball around the square faster than the player who is dribbling the ball, someone in the outfield makes a pass out of bounds, or a player dribbling around the bases loses control of the ball.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.