What Soccer Shoes Does Gerard Pique Wear?

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When Pique’s not hanging out with his girlfriend Shakira, he does play a little bit of soccer for Barcelona and the Spanish national team. And he’s pretty good at it, to say the least, having helped Barcelona win La Liga and the Champions League this year and then anchoring the backline and helping Spain winning the World Cup in 2010.

So, it’s no surprise that you want to know what kind of soccer boots Pique plays in. Maybe you even want to learn how to play like Pique, since he’s tall but still has good touch and is a great passer. There’s really not a more skillful defender in the game today, one who has both good vision and skill on the ball. He’s like a playmaker at times from the back. And Pique is also know to get into the attack from time to time too, and score important goals for club and country.

Right now Pique’s wearing the new Nike Tiempo Legend IV boots. Take a look at the pictures below.

Gerard Pique Soccer Shoes

In the pic below he’s doing a bit of juggling in his Nike Tiempo cleats. Wonder what his juggling record is? Of course, what stands out with these shoes is the bright orange shoe laces – can’t miss them, as they nearly glow in the dark.

Gerard Pique Soccer Shoes

The shoes of course are personalized with Pique’s name on them, looks like he’s got both the studs and the molded cleats.

Pique Soccer Shoes

Just because you’re a defender doesn’t mean you have to wear soccer shoes that don’t look good. And just because you’re a defender doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn how to pass and be comfortable with the ball at your feet. In the modern game of soccer, every player on the field has to have skills on the ball, from the forward to the defender to the keeper.

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