Let’s Play Some Soccer Tennis

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A few of the games masters playing a simple game of soccer tennis, Messi, Tevez, Maradona, and Enzo. But you can tell this so called friendly game of soccer tennis gets a bit competitive as the game progresses.  What a genius of a soccer player Maradona is, still.  Even from this short video clip you see he is something special.


NYCFC Playing Soccer Tennis

The NYCFC team starts playing towards the end of the video.


Check out this video of Tobin Heath and Yael Averbuch of the U.S. women’s national team playing some soccer tennis. The two players didn’t become two of the most skilled
soccer players in the United States by not thinking outside the box.
Without a net in Portugal to play a little soccer tennis, the two
midfielders got creative. This kind of stuff withthe ball will certainly improve your touch.


Watch some players play soccer volleyball.

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