Soccer Training Program

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So you want to reach the highest possible level in soccer, right? Well, you’ll need to follow a consistent soccer training program if you want to play college or professional soccer.

What’s a good soccer training program? It starts with mastering the soccer ball, once you do that, and that isn’t easy, then you can look at improving other parts of your game, whether it’s passing or finishing. But first you’ll need to get comfortable with the soccer ball.

So comfortable that you can make the ball do whatever you want. Can you juggle the ball a thousand times with both feet? Can you dribble the ball in and out of cones at a fast pace with both feet? Can you control the ball on the ground and in the air?

If you want to play soccer in college or at the pro level you’ll need to master ever aspect of control, touch and dribbling of the soccer ball. So before training starts, get to practice early or on your off days spend time juggling the ball and knocking it against a wall to perfect your skill. And try to play with players who are better you, so you can learn from them and copy what they do well.

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And then a training session to improve speed:

If you’re looking to purchase a soccer training DVD to help you follow a program then take a look at the Coerver Coaching DVDs, this will give you a good foundation to guide you through your soccer training program.

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