Victor Lindelof Defends with Arms Behind Back

Manchester United’s Victor Lindelof puts his arms behind his back and shuffles along as Manchester City’s David Silva lines up to shoot. The shot by Silva was soft but with Lindelof defending with his arms behind his back he’s conceding the space and not pressuring Silva. Top defenders across the English Premier League and in La Liga defend near the goal box with their arms behind their backs they’re so worried about giving a penalty away due to a hand ball. A Barcelona defender even did it the other day too. It seems to only be making playing defense harder and you’re giving up.

Lindelof doesn’t force Silva to put his head down by pressing more or forcing him  go one way. Really, Silva should have charged at Lindelof, who was defending him square on and already sort of giving up and letting Silva take a shot. I’m surprised that so many pro soccer player put their arms behind their backs all because they’re considered about giving up a hand ball.

Goals from Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial earned Manchester United a thrilling derby win over Manchester City at the Etihad.