The Michael Jackson Spin Move Penalty Kick

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Spin Move Penalty Kick
The spin move penalty kick. Don’t try this at home. Actually, if you could pull it off it would be pretty hilarious. But, you better do it when your soccer team is up by four or five goals at least. I bet Neymar could pull this Michael Jackson spin move penalty kick off….

I’m not sure if the indoor soccer player tried to pull this off in honor of the King of Pop. I don’t see any white glove or anything. At least he got the spin part right. He did throw the keeper off. He had the chance the beat the keeper but just struck the soccer ball weakly. The spin dance move was right. The penalty kick not so much.

Actually, you’d have to say the goalkeeper reacts really well – getting up off the ground to make the save after going the wrong way at first.

There’s some talk they might ban the paradinha penalty in world football, which originated in Brazil. They should also ban this player from taking penalty kicks for a while too.

Michael Jackson Spin Penalty Kick Fail – Football From Brazil

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