We’re Talking About Soccer Practice

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Soccer practice: I think it’s great to always put an incentive out there when playing small sided games or during soccer practice. This makes the situation more intense and fun – more game like. Yes, pick winners and losers of the game you play and give them rewards of some kind or punishments to the losing team. Of course keep it fun and light and not too serious if you’re coaching a younger team but picking winning teams make it more intense.

Keep score and give a reward to the winner or punish the losing team, say, make them run, do push ups, put the cones and goals back, or things like that. Sure, there are times to have fun, like in this video, but keep the soccer practice at an intense level by implementing incentives and up the ante. It’s good to play games like winning team stays on.

As a coach, the goal should be to make soccer practices fun and competitive. Increasing the intensity of games makes practice more realistic.

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