Tallest Soccer Players

Who are some of the giants of the game of soccer? Some of the big guys that could or should have been playing basketball perhaps? Surprisingly, there’s a number of skillful forwards who reach up into the trees and can knock in powerful headers as well as deftly avoid a defender with their skill. This list is just a start, more coming soon.

From Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Peter Crouch, world football is full of giant players. But who are the true tallest people in the football sphere? Check out in this ranking who are the tallest football players.

Jan Koller
6 ft 8 in

Czech Republic national team and AS Monaco star forward. Suffered a thigh injury in the 2006 World Cup in Germany and was only able to play against the USA, where he scored a powerful header. Koller started out as a keeper but moved to forward once he begin his professional career.

Nikola Zigic
6 ft 7 ½ in

Serbian star in the past played for Racing Santander in La Liga in Spain. For he previous club, Red Star, he was know as the ‘Doctor’. He now plays for Valencia.

Peter Crouch
6 ft 7 in

Famous for his robot celebration this tall and skinny forward is scoring goals with his feet and his head for Liverpool. His good form is setting the stage for Crouch to star for his country, England, as well as his club.

Zeljko Kalac
6 ft 6 in

Austrilian goalkeeper who plays for A.C. Milan is of Croatian decent. His nickname is the ‘Spider’ for not only his height but his long wing span. Has played on the international stage a number of times for Australia but has been the secondary keeper, as Mark Bosnich and then Mark Schwarzer showed their form.

Orlando Engelaar
6 ft 5 in

Perhaps a new star on the scene for Holland after his performance in the Euro 2008. Orlando is a former forward who now plays attacking midfield. He’s just signed with Schalke 04 of the Bundesliga after playing for Feyenoord in the Dutch Eredivisie. After beating Italy 3-0, Holland and Orlando are the new favorites in Euro 2008.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
6 ft 4 in

Not necessarily a giant, compared to some of the other players on this list, but this Swedish and Inter Milan player, can score goals with his head and his feet. Know for his ability on the ground more than in the air. He’s turn a defender on a dime with a feint or a cut.

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