Did Melissa Tancredi Stomp On Carli Lloyd’s Head?

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Melissa Tancredi Stomp On Carli Lloyd's Head
Can you stomp on someone’s head in soccer? The Canada versus United States semi-final Olympic match was a testy affair, what with the two rivals battling to see who would play Japan in the final for the gold medal. But it looks like Canada’s Melisssa Tancredi took the competitive battle a bit too far and stomped on Carli Lloyd’s head after she fell down.

I wonder if this is what Canada’s coach John Herdman was referring to when he said the United States team used some “illegal tactics” and are “very good at it”. Herdman might want to have a look at his own team and at what Tancredi did to Lloyd when she fell down.

Take a look at the video below to see Melissa Tancredi stomp Carli Lloyd’s head. The next time the two teams face off it should be quite a battle.

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