John Terry Tackles Milner

John Terry nearly breaks Milner’s leg. Studs up. The ball already past Milner. This was really a brutal challenge by Terry and on a potential England national teammate to boot. England is already struggling with injuries. They don’t need anymore, especially to a young talent like Milner.

Terry received a yellow card for the tackle, but probably deserved a red or more – a longer ban. Milner was able to get out of the way of the tackle to an extent, and didn’t take the full brunt of the challenge, although he could very easily have broken his leg if he didn’t leap over the tackle a little bit. Take a look.

Terry is really doing a good job of keeping his reputation in tatters. Outside the confines of Chelsea, he’s a hated man, from the folks over at Manchester City who are supporting Wayne Bridge, and now to the folks over in Villa country. And watch out if he’s driving a car, he might run over your foot.

This is what the Aston Villa boss had this to say about the tackle on Milner:

Aston Villa manager Martin O’Neill was enraged by the tackle, describing it as “desperately poor” and claiming an apology was the least he expected.