Carlos Tevez Celebrates Hat Trick with Golf Swing

There is no doubt that Carlos Tevez is an incredible soccer player. He can not only score goals but helps settle the team by holding on to the ball and enables the team to keep possession and build up an attack.

Plus, Tevez is not afraid to work hard and chase down the ball, if needed. However, he has a tendency to not get along with his mangers or stay too long at one club, something comes up that upsets him and he says he wants to leave.

Tevez was away from Manchester City for around three months, Roberto Mancini said he wouldn’t play again for the club, but when Manchester City were struggling they called Tevez back and he’s helped them regain their form.

So, while Tevez golf swing celebration was clever, it also alludes to what he did while he was away from the club for three months – play golf while City was paying his wages.

Does the golf swing just show how happy he is to be back playing. Does it say something about how easy it is for him to score goals. It certainly seems like the game comes easy to him. I wonder if for his next celebration he mimic putting a golf ball after he scores.

If Tevez just focused on soccer, stayed at one club for more than two years, he’d have to be ranked up there with the best in the world. There’s no doubt he can play the game like few others.

What’s more, apparently Tevez can speak a little English and he likes to drink champagne. He grabs the man of the match bottle of champagne and takes off during this interview below. Yeah, hopefully he didn’t drive.