The Messi Dribbling Run Versus Australia

The incredible Messi dribbling run versus Australia: When Messi dribbles he touches the ball with every step. What’s more, he kind of invites pressure. He wants defenders to come close so he can bounce off them and slip past them. In this dribbling run by Messi, playing in his 1000th career game for Argentina, he starts dribbling towards his own goal.

Messi almost had his Maradona like goal in the World Cup. Maybe it will come against Holland. It’s like the Australian defenders were posts in a pinball machine. When Messi bumped into one of them he only got pushed forward.

Here’s what the BBC’s and former England striker Alan Shearer said about Messi during the game.

“The way Messi works that space. The way he carries the ball when there is much going on around him. He’s got everything. Whenever he gets the ball the whole stadium gets on its feet. It doesn’t matter where he is on the pitch, the whole stadium rises.”

It’s almost hilarious watching the Messi dribbling run versus Australia. Like you should add some of the Benny Hill music to it. Look where Messi starts with the ball. In his own half. Actually, he starts by dribbling backwards towards his own goal with a giant Australian defender on his back.

What’s interesting too about Messi is he never lays on the ground for long after getting hacked or kicked. He seems to bounce right up, especially if he thinks it wasn’t a malicious foul.

I wonder who got Messi’s jersey after the game?

See the amazing Messi dribbling run versus Australia in the video below.