The Messi Nutmeg Versus Real Valladolid

As usually, the Barcelona fans reaction is nearly as glorious as the Messi nutmeg. The cheering and surprise all at once. When will this even become normal and boring for Messi and the Camp Nou faithful? And the reaction of the player who gets nutmegged is equally glorious – he doesn’t fight it but sort of gives up right away in disbelief – like not me. The Messi nutmeg is expected but not in that moment when he’s standing still right in front of me. He’s not going to flick the ball with the outside of his foot through my legs is he? Oh he did.

What’s equally good is the burst of speed that Messi shows as he charges away with the soccer ball at his feet. You can tell Messi is happy. On to conquer another player. There’s always a next with Messi. And I’m guessing there will always be a next until he retires. He’s not going to stop and you won’t stop him. This is his sport.

Apparently, that’s midfielder Oscar Plano who gets nutmegged by Messi. As someone said online, Messi took his soul right then and there.

There’s a long list of soccer players who have been nutmegged by Messi. James Milner comes to mind for instance. Who suffered the nutmeg in a pretty bad way. Why do players still charge in and try to take the ball from Messi? I’d like to start to create a list of players who have been nutmegged by Messi and rank them. The nutmeg suffered by Oscar Plano was pretty bad and might be near the top of the list.