The Shaqiri Cross to Salah

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Shaqiri Cross to Salah

Liverpool’s counter attack goal is easily the goal of the year in the English Premier League.

It all happens so fast. Really, that’s the genius of it. The pace. A header clear off a corner. An incredible ball from Trent Alexander-Arnold to Xherdan Shaqiri out wide, who hits a looping crazy gutsy cross to Salah, who controls the ball perfectly with the bottom of his right foot and then nonchalantly touches the ball past the West Ham’s goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski.

A walk in the park at a hundred miles per hour. If you look up counter attack in the dictionary this is what you should see.

But to me it is the Shaqiri cross that just makes the entire play. Yes, it’s hard to pick just one. It was audacious though. A bending ball that skies into the air and lands perfectly at Salah’s foot. Salah doesn’t have to break stride. A sublime cross by Shaqiri.

As they say: just it all down after this counter attack goal by Liverpool. Salah should have just walked off the pitch after scoring. What’s a shame is the empty stands of course…Liverpool fans not there, live to celebrate. I wonder if this goal might not just give Liverpool a huge boost of confidence the rest of the season and lead them to win the English Premier League. It’s a team goal and one that could bring the group together even more.

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