Arsenal’s David Luiz Wearing Wristbands

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David Luiz wearing wristbands? Not sure too many footballers wear wristbands when they step on the field. Arsenal’s Luiz does though. Red ones wristbands in fact. Luiz was actually wearing the wristbands when he got a red card against Wolves. The smart tactic would have just to scream at Willian Jose before he took the shot.

Not sure if there’s another player in the English Premier League who wears wristbands when he plays. I know some players wear gloves, play in running tights or even wear a snood, but as far as wristbands that seems pretty rare. Luiz used to wear them when he played for PSG too.

Luiz hasn’t had the best of time playing for Arsenal. Hasn’t been in the best of form, really. He earned a rating of 1/10 previously and might get the same for this game.

“Luiz has now earned three red cards and conceded six penalties since signing for Arsenal in August 2019 – both Premier League highs.”

Some questioned whether Luiz fouled Willian Jose in the box, if it was intentional. Only Luiz truly knows but it seems like he purposely knocks his knee or leg into Jones as he’s going in on goal. Luiz knows what he’s doing as he charges back from behind to try to stop Jones.

It’s clumsy and awkward in how Luiz tries to chase him down from behind instead of coming in at more of an angle. Jose has him beat already. Luiz must not have much faith in his goalkeeper to make a big save.

Ruben Neves puts away a clinical penalty to draw Wolves level with Arsenal after David Luiz is sent off for clipping Willian Jose in the box. Yeah, to me, wristbands or no wristbands Luiz is intentionally trying to clip Jose from behind as he runs in right behind him.

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