Rose Lavelle Puts Magic Spell on Defender

Rose Lavelle scores her first goal for Manchester City. Good finish by Lavelle as she drives the ball up and over the keeper from close range. Hopefully this goal will boost her confidence and get her more playing time. Lavelle hasn’t yet shown all she can do in England. The defender falls and Lavelle pounces on the opportunity.

Lavelle, who has just rejoined City after being with the USWNT, sealed the win on 71 minutes when Mayumi Pacheco lost her footing and Lavelle capitalized on the error.

Wait, the defender just fell down…or gets hit by a sniper as they say. Or could it be that Rose but a magic spell on the defender to make her fall down. Prior to the game Lavelle must have used a Voodoo doll on the defender who fell down. In truth, feel bad for Pacheco and hope she bounces back from this mistake.

Also can’t say the poor defender tripped on the goal box line because it happens before then….

Feel bad for the defender who gets her feet caught under her…… looks like defender’s legs get tripped under her while she’s under no pressure.

Reminds me a bit of Kelley O’Hara legs getting caught together as she goes to cross the soccer ball.