The Smallest Best Player in World Football: Riqui Puig

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The Smallest Best Player in World Football: Riqui Puig

Rigui Puig is La Masia made. Puig grew up in the Barcelona system. And it shows. I wonder though if his size was a factor in him not finding a place in Barcelona and coming to the MLS. It must have been part of the reason. They might have felt Puig wasn’t strong enough to hold off defenders in La Liga. Puig though is out to prove them all wrong.

Barcelona had another small player in their ranks at one time: Ludovic Giuly. Not sure how much he weighed but the Frenchman was only 5 feet 5 inches tall. Currently, don’t think there is a player as small in professional football who is as good as Puig.

Not sure what Puig nickname is but if Messi is called the Atomic Flea then Puig is like a nuclear flea times one thousand.

As far as world soccer goes Puig is surely the smallest and best player in the world. He is one of those players who knows how to use his small stature to his advantage. He’s underestimated and sort of discounted. Since he’s small he’s able to find space and use his quickness to escape pressure and play killer passes and score goals.

How tall is Rigui Puig? How much does Puig weigh? Here are Puig’s “dimensions”:

Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 123 lbs

A stunner from Riqui Puig as he nets his first MLS goal against Toronto!

WORLD CLASS ASSIST by Riqui Puig to Chicharito

And here’s another genius pass from Puig that led to a penalty kick for the LA Galaxy.

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