How NOT to Take a Panenka Penalty Kick

Chicharito’s panenka penalty kick fail. Perhaps the easiest and best explanation holds true here: Chicharito was just too tired and his legs too heavy in the ninety plus minutes of this game to try to pull off a panenka penalty kick. The LA Galaxy forward immediately puts his hands up in prayer to the crowd to apologize for just how bad this paneka penalty kick was. Kids, don’t try this kind of soft panenka penalty kick late in the game if you’re just not felling it. Panenka penalty kicks require a deft touch and confidence to pull off!

If Zidane’s penalty kick in the World Cup final is the best and most pressure filled paneka penalty kick ever taken this one by Chicharito is surely the worst. See Chicharito’s panenka penalty kick fail below. It’s hard not to laugh it’s so bad…Chicharito is still fighting for a place in Mexico’s World Cup squad…this doesn’t help him.

But the reason Chicharito even tried the panenka was probably because he scored from the penalty spot minutes earlier.