The Arjen Robben Volley in Pictures

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The Arjen Robben volley in a series of pictures, from when the ball was in the air, to when the ball hits his foot, to the ensuing celebration. And to think that Robben nearly missed this game due to a calf strain.

“It is a huge game and we cannot have him at 80%. I know certainly that we need a player like Robben against an opponent like Manchester United, but if he is not 100% then he doesn’t play,” said Bayern Munich manager Van Gaal.

Focused and preparing to strike, his eyes locked in on the ball.

His left leg is up and over the ball with his knee nearly parallel to the ground.

Robben couldn’t have hit the ball any better.

Blame it on John O’Shea, it looks like he’s trying to get out of the way.

The celebration begins.

What did you expect?

Come on, I’m Robben. I was born to hit volleys like that.

It was that good, yes, yes. It was good.

The kind of volley you dream about hitting and against Manchester United at Old Trafford. I won’t forget this and neither will you.

You see that?

I’m kind of the world.

Game over.

A salute to the fans.

And afterwards, Robben enjoyed a nice post game meal.

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