The Greatest Soccer Dive Ever

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Soccer Dive

There’s no doubt this is the greatest dive that’s ever been dove in soccer. AC Milan’s Girardino doing what is the most ridiculous dive and attempt to win a penalty kick that’s ever been witnessed, and against Celtic in a Champions League match no less. He’s just a bit late when he tries to go down, as in entirely after the play is over. Take a look.

Incidentally, if you type Gilardino’s name into Google one of the first things that comes up is this dive video. I’m sure this is the last thing Gilardino wants to be known for.

Alberto Gilardino, winner of the greatest soccer dive of all time award. Sorry, but it’s fitting that it’s an Italian player – they’re incredibly dramatic but usually a bit more skillful with the acting than this.

This dive by Girardino is just embarrassing and he was correctly given a yellow card. Heck, the referee could have even a red card this was so bad. Not sure though, has a referee ever give out a red card for a dive in the box? I’m sure it would stop or at least limit players from diving so much. See Gilardino’s perform the greatest soccer dive of all-time in the video below.

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