What Is A Talisman In Soccer?

Soccer talisman: What exactly does the term talisman meaning in football/soccer? A talisman is something or someone who produces apparently magical or miraculous effects. But a talisman in soccer is what exactly….

Image credit for the above picture of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer goes to Manchester United of course.

Simply put: a talisman is like a lucky charm, something that makes your soccer team better. A talisman is the player who ties everything together, so without this player things often fall apart. A talisman is a player who scores those so called garbage goals, someone who’s always there at the right time to follow up a shot and score.

During his time with Manchester United Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was a bit of a talisman for his team. Watch  Solskjaer follow up this shot by Eric Cantona and score. The brilliance of Cantona is clear, as he nonchalantly juggles the ball and shoots it over the keeper only to have it hit the crossbar, but who is there of course to follow up the shot and score. Yes, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The talisman is a player who brings the team together. The final piece of the puzzle that makes the team function at a high level. Now, perhaps the latest talisman for Manchester United is Bruno Fernandes, the 25-year-old Portuguese international is the creative player who has made United the high powered goal scoring machine they once were.

In soccer, the talisman is a key figure on the soccer team who just adds that extra special something, whether it’s scoring big goals or a defender who’s always there at the right place and time to block a shot or make that game saving tackle. So when that player isn’t available the team really suffers.

The talisman can also be someone who comes off the bench late in the game. These days, for Manchester United, Jesse Lingard is an example of a talisman for his Manchester United football club team. Whenever he’s on the soccer field at the start or comes off the bench good things happen. In fact, he’s been scoring some great goals for Manchester United this year.

Often you’ll hear TV announcers refer to a football/soccer player as the team’s talisman. Think Ronadlinho when he played for Barcelona or Henry when he was with Arsenal. With that particular player the team can win, without that player they will often lose or struggle to play well, that’s what a talisman is.

In the end a talisman is that thing or soccer player that makes a team successful and play well. For Barcelona I’d say their talisman is Andres Iniesta. He just makes the team run. Often every pass goes through him. When Iniesta isn’t in the side they have to change their style of play to an extent and look to go through another player.

You could also say that Roy Keane was a talisman for Manchester United – just for his toughness. And then Ryan Giggs become somewhat of a talisman for the team with his wisdom and calm confidence. But a talisman is the player who is consistent and makes the team better but also just adds that extra something, that gives the team the belief that they can win.

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