Thierry Henry Juggles Up the Field

Thierry Henry of the New York Red Bulls shows off some skill as he juggles along the sideline against Omar Gonzalez and the LA Galaxy. What do you think, is this a skillful display or is Henry just a show off? I’d like to see Henry juggle up the field more often, actually. Showing off is what makes the game of soccer fun to watch, when it’s done at the right moments.

For me, if Henry would have beaten Gonzalez with that last touch, then I’d give him all the credit it in the world. Sure, it’s still skillful but not an amazing juggling feat. He needed to pull off that last part of the move and juggle the ball past the defender. However, I’d rather see Henry try something like this in a game than not. What the MLS needs is more joy and skill in the game, which is just what Henry brings. He will be missed when he leaves the game.

Watch Thierry Henry juggle down the sideline in the video below.