Tobin Heath Scoop Move

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Is Tobin Heath the greatest dribbler of the soccer ball in the women’s game of soccer? I think so. Heath has amazing skills on the ball and isn’t afraid to try something new. She’s said that her favorite player growing up was Ronaldinho, and you can see it in her play. Heath most recently played for
Paris Saint-Germain and is now back with the Portland Thorns.

Tobin Heath stops the ball dead on the endline, waits for the defender to make a move or try to win the soccer ball, then scoops the ball up and over the defender’s near standing leg.

The cool thing about this scoop move is if it doesn’t come off, the ball will go out for a corner kick. It’s one of those win win type of soccer moves that you can try near the endline. Tobin Heath’s confidence is rising, watch for more of these dribbling moves and tricks in the future from the women’s games greatest dribbler of the ball.


The poor defender fails down after Heath does the scoop move. One thing you can’t do want you’re going up against Heath is diving in and try to win the ball. That’s just want she wants. Someone to recklessly dive in and try to take the ball off her foot. As soon as you do that she’s gone past you….

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