Toni Kroos Scores an OLIMPICO!

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Kroos Olimpico

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos’ quick thinking in the first-half saw Zinedine Zidane’s side take the lead as he scored an Olimpico (a goal directly from the corner). The keeper is clearly too far out of the goal and Kroos doesn’t waste anytime in taking the corner kick and scores. He bends the ball perfectly into the back of the net – whips the ball in with precision.

How to Score Directly From a Corner Kick

Too often players don’t put enough pace and power on the soccer ball when taking a corner. Even if Kroos wasn’t going to score from this corner there’s still the chance that one of the other teams defenders could have deflected the ball into their own net trying to clear the ball since it’s hit with so much pace. But this was just smart thinking by Kroos in see the opportunity and not hesitating in striking the ball right towards goal.

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