Tottenham Manager Jose Mourinho Praises Ball Boy

Tottenham ballboy saves the day with quick thinking. All is forgiven for Jose Mourinho’s doubters. Less than six months after taking Tottenham to the Champions League final, Mauricio Pochettino was let go, but this win and the ball boy praise might just lessen any anger Tottenham fans have. Those fans who are upset that Pochettino is gone and was replaced by Mourinho so suddenly. Could that be true? That a ball boy will turn all that anger into some feelings for Mourinho…the momentum shifted.

I think his passion for the game shown through in his reaction to the Tottenham ball boy. I’m thinking for any big game this ball boy will be positioned along the sidelines near Mourinho. And all ball boy’s across the English Premier League might just step up their game to get some praise from their own managers. In the next few games we’ll see ball boy’s everywhere hovering along the sidelines in anticipation of the ball going out and making an impact on the game. It’s the year of the ball boy! Is there an EPL or Champions League award for ball boy of the year?

New Tottenham Hotspurs manager Jose Mourinho praises the ball boy who rushed to get his team the ball that led to a goal. It was the ball boy’s quick reaction that enabled Tottenham to throw the ball in quickly and score. The quick thinking by the ball boy let to the Lucas cross into the Olympiakos box which Harry Kane nodded home and tied the game up. What’s really true though is what Mourinho is saying about the ball boy. It may sound hyperbolic but the ball boy really did react quickly and change the game. There’s no doubt about it.

In top flight football, the smallest details count: even the ball boys’ reaction speed! José Mourinho was lucky enough to see his team score thanks to one of the ball boys. Another time, he clashed with a ball boy… In short, he has a long history with these lucky kids. Here are 5 times ball boys have changed the course of a match.

“I love intelligent ball boys, like I was,” the Spurs boss told BT Sport. “I was a brilliant ball boy as a kid. This kid today was brilliant. He reads the game, understands the game and made an important assist.”

Update: Ball boy Callum Hynes spends day with Tottenham players. I wonder how good of a soccer player he is?