Riyad Mahrez Wears His Socks Up High

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Mahrez Socks

I thought Neymar wore his soccer socks up high when he played soccer, but now thinking that maybe Riyad Mahrez wears his socks up even higher. The socks are completely over the knee in fact. It seems over the knee would be constricting to an extent but maybe the socks are so thin that it doesn’t hinder his movement. Maybe the socks even give some support.

Mahrez is the footballer who wears his socks the highest up out of any players. He’s the highest socks wearing footballer in the world.

Mahrez High Socks

In training though, Mahrez’s socks are low. The high over the knee socks are just for games it seems.

Mahrez Low Socks

Mahrez’s transfer fee from Leicester City was nearly $80 million; that’s a lot of money. From Sky Sports there was this amazing stat: Riyad Mahrez cost only $500,000 when he moved from French Ligue 2 side Le Havre to Leicester in January 2014. So yeah, Leicester City made a lot of money on Mahrez’s transfer to Manchester City. The agent or scout who signed Mahrez for Leicester should at least get a raise.

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