Soccer Training Mannequin

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Need to practice free kicks but don’t have a bunch of soccer players who can or want to stand in the wall? That’s understandable, especially when someone is just starting out taking free kicks. Solution. Purchase a Player stand-in! You can even put one of the mannequin’s on the ground behind the wall if you want to! You know that’s the trend these days in world football – to have a player lie down behind the wall.

In today’s video we tested and reviewed Kwik Goal’s Mannequin. We tested its versatility with a dribbling, passing, and shooting drill. Then, we tested its durability by hitting the mannequin with a soccer ball at several increasingly fast speeds. Make sure you watch the entire video for our overall thoughts and for drills you can do with Kwik Goal’s Soccer Training Mannequin.

Training Opponent Mannequin aka TOM for free kick training or drills. Great agility training tool! 4′ high, 10′ wide single molded plastic that is incredibly flexible. Include four 4″ ground spikes. Made in USA.

Here’s another option. Inflatable free kick mannequins.

Improve your set-piece technique on all playing surfaces with these inflatable football free-kick mannequins. Used by the F2 Freestylers as well as clubs from the Premier League, MLS and Canadian Premier League, the football air mannequins represent professional football training equipment which is equally suitable for grassroots clubs and coaching sessions.

Each mannequin is freestanding and is available for purchase in packs of 1, 3 or 5, allowing coaches to set up a defensive wall which mimics real-match scenarios, improving the standards of your football set-piece target practice sessions.

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