Lionel Messi Lying Down Behind the Wall

Lionel Messi lying down behind the wall in the late stages of PSG’s Champions League match versus Manchester City? Usually Messi is stepping up to take a free kick and a player from the other team is lying down in their wall.

And 34-year-old legend had scored PSG’s second goal of the night against Manchester City, Messi’s first for PSG. I wonder if Messi just volunteered to lying down behind the wall or something actually told him to? And I mean Messi shouldn’t just lie down behind the wall, he shouldn’t even stand in the wall! Right.

Image credit for above picture of Messi lying down in the wall goes to Nubaid.

It will be funny to see the next time PSG sets up a wall and how lies down behind it. I think Neymar might even make a joke out of it and act like he’s going to do it and then refuse to lie down behind the wall.

The lying down behind the wall thing is a new thing in world football that started when Messi’s former Barcelona teammate, Ronaldinho, stepped up to take a free kick and other teams were worried he shoot under the wall when the wall jumped.

Rio Ferdinand had the best response to Messi lying down in the wall:

“The moment [PSG coach] Mauricio Pochettino asked him to do that at the training ground, someone should’ve gone in there and said, ‘No, no, no, no, no, no.’

“This doesn’t happen to Leo Messi. No, no, no, no. You can’t. It’s disrespectful, I wouldn’t have it. If I was in that team, I’d have to say, ‘Listen, I’ll lay down for you.’

“Sorry, I couldn’t have him laying down like that. I can’t see it. He don’t get his kit dirty, that’s not what Messi does.”

I mean what’s next, PSG is going to have Messi playing goalkeeper.