Trossard Lying Down Behind Wall

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Trossard Lying Down Behind Wall

Does the manager before the game tell Trossard that he has to lie down behind the wall? That it’s his turn this week? Brighton’s Leandro Trossard lies down behind the wall as Southampton take a free kick during an English Premier League soccer match between Southampton and Brighton.

It’s a trend in football / soccer these days, lying down behind the wall. And Trossard doesn’t seem to be too pleased about doing it either. Who would though. However, thankfully, nobody dragged Trossard by the head to get him into the proper position.

Messi Free Kick Players Lying Down Behind Wall

And who would get the game winner? Trossard.

Brighton couldn’t have picked a better time for their first ever Premier League win over Southampton, as Leandro Trossard’s winner moved the Seagulls three points clear of relegation with one more game in hand.

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