Tyler Adams Tackle on Bukayo Saka

Adams tackle on Saka: the impressive sliding tackle comes late in the game. And in the box no less. Adams is pumped after the tackle too. If there’s a tackle of the World Cup tournament this might be it.

The talk now during the World Cup is Adams won’t stay at Leeds United for much longer. He’s played so well in the tournament that a bigger club will most likely want to sign him. He’s proved himself, especially in this match versus England. Essentially shutting down top midfielders like Bellingham and Rice.

Adams covers so much ground for the United States. If someone is trying to break free Adams is all of a sudden there to shut them down. Like he does on this play with Saka breaking free into the box and sliding to win the ball. Not conceding a penalty kick but winning the ball cleanly.

In order for the United States to beat Iran and go through to the next round they’re going to need a few more tackles like this from Adams. It’s early in the tournament, but if the United States can go far, you might just see Adams on the all tournament team for the World Cup. That would be quite a feat for an American footballer. See the Tyler Adams tackle on Saka in the video below.