Wojciech Szczesny Double Save

Szczesny double save versus Saudi Arabia is one to watch again. Saving the initial penalty kick shot is one thing but saving the follow up shot is another. The save enabled Poland to keep their 1-0 lead against Saudi Arabia.

Salem Al Dawsari of Saudi Arabia fails to capitalize on this incredible opportunity for his country. His right footed shot towards the bottom left corner is saved by Szczesny. It wasn’t a bad shot maybe just not to the lower corner enough. It was hit with enough power but just a good save. It’s the follow up shot by Mohammed Al-Breik that should have been smashed home but Szczesny gets a few fingers on it!

The penalty kick was given by Krystian Bielik of Poland after a foul in the box on Saleh Al Shehri. A very soft penalty that’s given, really. Not much of a foul but after consulting VAR the penalty was given by the referee.

Importantly for Poland, this Szczesny comes just before half time, too. Conceding a goal before the half would have given Saudi Arabia a ton of confidence to go on and win the game in front of so many of their fans.

Goal scorers get all the glory while goalkeepers just have to make those important saves like this one.

This is a big worry for Argentina ahead of their match. Szczesny is a very good goalkeeper. Argentina ,most likely, will need to put a few balls past Szczesny. That will be very difficult against a keeper of Zzczesny’s quality. See the Szczesny double save in the video below.