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Coerver Bundle: Kids Dribbling Night

Coerver Coaching’s Ultimate Bundle is like your virtual team of advisors. They say the best soccer coaches look for “those extra one percents” wherever they can find them.vIn that case, Coerver Coaching’s flagship product is an entire parade of percents. It combines the Session Planner, Make Your Move, First Skills, Goalkeeping, Girls’ Soccer and Play Like The Stars mentioned above, plus Improve Your Game – featuring dozens of skills, drills and moves for solo practice, it’s essentially “homework” for your players.

No soccer coach thrives alone. From Bill Shankly’s fabled Boot Room discussion sessions to the modern manager’s banks of analysts, everybody needs a back-room team they can rely on. At grass-roots level, you may not have a phalanx of assistants aiding your every move – but the Ultimate Bundle could be as close as you can get.

It’s a collection of seven packages, comprising exclusive eBooks, downloadable booklets and online videos. See it as your corps of soccer coaching consultants, advising you on different aspects of the game. Let’s look at each of the magnificent seven soccer advisors individually.

Buy the best soccer coaching tools today: Ultimate Bundle. Here’s what’s in the Coerver bundle: 


We all love to plan and prepare a soccer coaching session – it’s what gets us close to our players. But sometimes it can be a bind to come up with new drills games to keep your sessions moving forward each week throughout the season.

This is why the Ultimate Bundle gives you the Session Planner, whose online videos and eBook will give you dozens of drills (selected from thousands in the Coerver database) from warm-ups through speed and 1v1 to group play and homework suggestions. Think of it as your ever-inventive Chief Coach, laying out the cones and bibs and helping you to translate your overarching theories into on-the-ground drills and practices that will leave your players entertained as well as improved.


In some ways, soccer/football is like chess: it’s all about the moves. The Make Your Move package is the ultimate 1v1 survival kit, building your players’ skills until they’re comfortable on the ball. It’s worth remembering here that individual ball mastery is at the heart of the Coerver ethos: each of your players should be comfortable and confident in possession, and therefore able to make the right decision for the team.

Make Your Move, then, is something of a Player Development Coach for you, strengthening each player’s ability via changes of directions, feints, speed, passing and receiving. And of course all drills can be modified for age, skill level and field conditions, so whether you’re tilting for the title or helping newcomers find their feet, Make Your Move will improve your players – and you’ll get the thanks. Speaking of which…


If the Ultimate Bundle packages are your backroom staff, meet your new world-renowned Academy Director. First Skills is designed to get Coerver’s widely-respected ethos across to your new soccer/football players, no matter how confident or able they are to begin with.

Dozens of videos and PDFs carefully explain the fundamentals of both soccer and Coerver’s methods of coaching it, before leading you and your players through games, drills and finishing practices – because who doesn’t like to end a practice with a few goals? Well, except goalkeepers, but they’ve got their own delights in store because…


They’re a different breed, aren’t they? The only players allowed to use their hands, stand in the goal in a different colored top – and frequently, but quietly, the most important member of the team. And despite modern world-class goalkeepers like Edersen and Allison being almost as good with their feet as their outfield colleagues, their special role essentially requires a fundamentally different skillset.

Which is why Coerver’s Ultimate Bundle provides you with a virtual Goalkeeping Coach via videos, drills and advice specifically catered for your glove-wearing heroes on the line. It adapts Coerver’s trusted Pyramid Approach to coaching and makes it goalkeeper-specific, helping them prepare for every situation they might face.


As someone who has spent years coaching girls at various age levels, I have been thrilled to witness the ever-expanding popularity of female soccer across the world. And because there are subtle but important differences between the two differently-gendered versions of the sport, it’s great to see that Coerver’s Ultimate Bundle has a package specifically created for the girls’ game.

For females of any age, soccer can teach essential life skills and promote happiness. Packed with drills, videos and advice, the interactive eBook features extensive input from former US national team captain Kristine Lilly, who won 352 – yes, three hundred and fifty two – caps, scoring 130 goals. So she’s worth listening to whether you’re a coach, a parent or a player. And even if you don’t coach girls or women, you might learn something in these videos: isn’t that why we’re here?


No soccer coach or manager can be everywhere all the time. Even the most hands-on gaffer has to let the players go at the end of the week’s final session, and hope they turn up on match day ready for action. But the best players will keep getting better if they continue to hone their skills alone – and that’s where Improve Your Game comes in.

Featuring many dozens of skills, drills and moves designed for solo practice – plus some scientific background information on health and fitness – it helps them ascend Coerver’s Self-Improvement Pyramid. There are also some small-group assignments in case some good friends want to get together even when you’re not there. And if they’re that keen to learn, why not help them?


Your final virtual assistant is the Play Like The Stars collection of online videos. Suitable for boys and girls of all ages – and indeed adults who aren’t arrogant enough to think they can’t get better or learn something new – it teaches the significant moves and skills associated with various legends of the game. It’s almost like rewarding your players with a team trip to watch one of the world’s best teams: “Now how can we get even better?”

All in all, the Coerver Ultimate Bundle is your virtual coaching staff. And you don’t have to lock yourself away in a room: because the content is available via iPad, phone or any mobile with internet connection, they can be right there with you on the touchline. You need never be alone again…

Coerver Bundle: Buy the best soccer coaching tools today: Ultimate Bundle 

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