Weston McKennie Red White & Blue Hair

Weston McKennie has dyed his hair red, white and blue and it looks good. McKennie usually has a strip of bleached hair more of a white color. Maybe he’ll score a header or two with the new look. Surely it should bring the United States men’s national team midfielder some luck.

McKennie is a legend just for using roller shoes in the halls of Juventus. Well, he’s a legend just for playing for Juventus. Hopefully he stays there and has a long career in Italy. No need for him to try to play in another country even if he gets a tempting offer. What’s better than being a beloved player in Italy. Perhaps he’ll even start to enjoy having a coffee or an expresso.

Really, McKennie is the United States team’s most important player, as he’s able to not only defend but get into the attack as well. He’s dangerous on set pieces and corner kicks. However, he’s coming off a thigh injury recently and just back to being healthy it seems for the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It is pretty common for players in the World Cup to debut a new hair style or new look.

Thankfully McKennie didn’t decide to do a Ronaldo and shave his head except for the very front. I think Ronaldo had to issue an apology to mothers all over Brazil since their kids shaved their heads like him.

See McKennie’s new red white and blue hair via this Fox Soccer tweet. Kids across the United States are going to be copying McKennie’s red, white and blue hair.

Here’s another tweet from the United States men’s soccer Twitter account showing McKennie’s dyed hair. Whoever put the streak in McKennie’s hair did a professional job!