Weston McKennie’s Roller Shoes!

Weston McKennie’s roller shoes: Back pack on, at about the 20 second mark in the video below, McKennie rolls through the hall of the Juventus training center. I wonder if you told him when he was a young kid, although he still is now, he’d been rolling through the hall at Juventus in roller shoes in the future as a professional soccer player he’d believe it. What a legend McKennie already is and now scoring more and more goals for Juventus these days.

And while the clip from the Amazon Prime documentary about Juventus is getting viral play more for Mckennie’s comments about coffee making him shit and his love for Ranch dressing on pizza, it’s McKennie rolling through the Juventus hall that made me smile. The full context too makes McKennie’s conversation with Giorgio Chiellini not so bad. Really, McKennie is trying to be funny and Chiellini even alludes to McKennie and his roller shoes!

McKennie also wisely makes the good point that playing for Juventus in Italy, its culture, better suits him or fits with his personality. His free going attitude and spirit and wanting to have fun are accepted. Plus, when you score a volley against Barcelona like this one they’re going to be quite happy with you, too.

See Weston McKennie’s roller shoes at about the 20 second mark in the video below. Adidas should smartly make a roller shoe just for McKennie if they haven’t already.